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Gemma O'Brien: Make It on Mobile Tutorial/Contest #5

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Gemma O'Brien showcases her hand-lettering techniques in this installment of the Make It on Mobile challenge, featuring Adobe Photoshop Sketch.
  • For the fifth installment of our Make It on Mobile tutorial and contest series, Gemma O’Brien demonstrated how she used Adobe Photoshop Sketch to create an illustrated number. Below, you can see the number she created—in our Create Magazine tutorial, she revealed her techniques. ​​​​​​​
  • Make It on Mobile tutorial piece by Gemma O'Brien made with Photoshop Sketch and Capture CC
  • We invited Create readers to follow the tutorial and submit their creations, for a chance to win an Apple iPad Pro. And Gemma chose Fiona Skipper's entry: “Her '29' effectively uses the watercolor tools to create a beautiful piece,” says Gemma. "The shapes and the layout are well balanced. The use of illustration inside is intricate and detailed, and it complements the curves of the numbers. Amazing!” 

    Scroll down to see Fiona’s winning entry, as well as some additional noteworthy illustrations chosen by Create Magazine's managing editor, Charles Purdy, and Adobe mobile app magician Pollyanna Macchiano. “There were so many great entries,” says Charles. "We chose several entries that not only were unique and well done but also showed off the power of Sketch and the techniques Gemma demonstrated."
  • Winning piece by Fiona (@fioski)
  • The next Make It on Mobile challenge is now live on Create Magazine. Check it out and submit your own entry to win!
  • Editors' Pick by @alphawam
  • Editors' Pick by @mattiapaolinelli
  • Editors' Pick by @driftlessc
  • Editors' Pick by @amlopezp
  • Editors' Pick by @nuxolix
  • Editors' Pick by @JonnytheRadford
  • Editors' Pick by @yoong_wh
  • Editors' Pick by @BeeAnimated

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